About this blog: I've browsed dozens of websites for modest wedding dresses and I've discovered many beauties. To start, I wasn't planning on creating a blog featuring the the best of my findings; but, I thought it might be helpful for others scouting the web looking for such finds if I did. 

This blog is more like a gallery for those window shoppers and hopefully a springboard in the right direction for those ready to tie the knot. If you are making plans for your own wedding or for someone you know, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to do your research and make sure you trust the company you decide to purchase your dress from. Your wedding day is too important not to do your research.

For example when you find a company offering a wedding dress in your price calling your name:

1.Ask your family and friends if they've ever dealt with the company offering the dress or if they know anyone that has.
2. Read reviews about the company online from reputable review sites.
3. Make sure the review site is reputable itself.
4. See if other sites are offering the same dress.
5. Is your ideal dress available/affordable at local shops?
6. Does the website have a physical location?
7. what kind of buyer protection is there?
8. If you find the same wedding dress from a more reputable company at a slightly higher price, paying that slightly higher cost might save you time and money...so on and so forth

I wish you all the wonderful things life has to offer, including a magnificent wedding and union to a soul mate that enhances your life 360 degrees! God Bless :)


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